Cloud Server?

Cloud Server

A cloud server is primarily an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) based cloud service model. There are two types of cloud server: logical and physical. A cloud server is considered to be logical when it is delivered through server virtualization. In this delivery model, the physical server is logically distributed into two or more logical servers, each of which has a separate OS, user interface and apps, although they share physical components from the underlying physical server.

Whereas the physical cloud server is also accessed through the Internet remotely, it isn’t shared or distributed. This is commonly known as a dedicated cloud server.


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Server Reselling concept in Cloud Servers

Technology Leader has launched “Server Reseller” for Cloud Servers. You can earn up to 75% in selling cost. In Server Reselling a person or a company can make profit by reselling servers to their customers a Server Reseller can sell the servers depending on their time in other words, there is no stipulated time frame for a Server Reseller to sell or there are no red tapes. A Server Reseller will be provided with unique identification number which will have an active account with Technology Leader for calculation of payouts. In server Reselling concept, you start to get payouts after you have crossed a few sales, once the sales are crossed Server Reseller can retain their payouts and pay the remaining amount to Technology Leader.

No investment, no advertisements, no long term agreement, no marketing, no fuss, you don’t have to provide any sort of support, be it billing or technical. Reselling of servers is simple, you contact Technology Leader purchase the servers at discounted price and later sell it to your customers at markup price. You do not have to provide any kind of support to your customers’ we will help them out with their issues.

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