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Our Virtual Datacenter services are very diverse and highly individual. Our strengths lie in the area of quick, demand-oriented and uncomplicated responsiveness. Whether it is about expansions, malfunctions or modifications: thanks to the permanent 24/7 manning of our datacenter by trained and skilled server technicians, we are able to act at any time. Our processes are streamlined and efficient, which contributes to our attractive pricing; often we are substantially cheaper than our competitors. The  Technology Leader  is a top leading web development company  in Bangalore, India. Our server systems are elaborately planned, reviewed and tested. We have a vast permanent stock of replacement components and are able to guarantee fixing malfunctioning servers within 30 minutes.

Virtual datacenter


A virtual datacenter is an offering which helps computing, cloud hosting, storage and applications to be integrated within your IT Infrastructure. This completely fulfills needs ranging from public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. It is tailor made to suit any need of an enterprise ICT as a virtual datacenter caters to all the elements a typical IT head looks for when looking to elect between a public cloud and private cloud. A Virtual datacenter gives actual redundancy, genuine high availability and affords enterprise grade critical performance levels.

Build and move quickly.

A Virtual Datacenter contains public and private catalogs of VM templates so you can build new virtual machines quickly, or upload VMs that are already running in your internal environment. You can also build virtual applications (vApps) within your Virtual Datacenter. A vApp is used when you have an application that requires more than one VM, custom security and/or networking settings, custom startup parameters and want the application to be stored and provisioned from a catalog.

For example, you may occasionally need to create an instance of one of your ecommerce sites with web servers, a database server and specific security settings for purposes of doing testing for each upgrade.

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